It was a phase, not who I really am. But it was fun.

Makeup and Facepaints

Strange out-of-context captions because some photos are grabbed from other albums.


Do you still do this? Can you paint my face?

Nope. I've moved on to other hobbies now, but it did make 2012-2015 pretty interesting. You can see some more of this stuff on my old Tumblr.

What materials do you use?

For facepaint I use the Mehron AQ facepaint palette. It's easy to work with and great value. I've kept looks on for several hours, however, as it's water-based paint, it doesn't hold up well to sweat. I use the brush that came with the palette, a variety of elf studio brand brushes, and these facepaint sponges to apply it.

I also use a mix of cheapo eyeshadow palettes (particularly this 252-color palette) and other drugstore makeup. I always use some sort of face primer as a first step.

How long does that take?

Anywhere from one to three hours for the stuff in the album.


By watching lots of YouTube videos (Promise Phan, MadeYewLook, etc), looking at lots of pictures, and getting lots of practice. I was pretty into the SyFy show Face Off for a while too, though that's more focused on practical/industry SFX rather than just painting.

Understanding that light colors bring areas forward and dark colors make things look receded is about half of it. A lot of the rest is just practicing detail work and blending/smooth application. I look at most of the looks in the gallery and see a lot of ways I could have improved them.