Margaret Sy

I'm a software enginer at Mesosphere where I write software for automating testing and releases for DCOS (the Datacenter Operating System), which involves DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS and BIG DATA and CONTAINERS and CLOUD-NATIVE TECHNOLOGY and stuff.

Some things I like: ballet, dogs, science, NOVA documentaries, origami, drawing and painting, YouTube, spaaaaace, and lists.

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Previously at Swift Navigation in San Francisco, where I worked on a pipeline for automated hardware-in-the-loop testing of high-accuracy GNSS sensors that go into THINGS IN SPACE and AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES and stuff.

Proud owner of a BA in Computer Science from UC Berkeley, where I spent four years meandering through a series of research assistant positions in various departments until I realized that I was actually just doing programming in all of them and was probably best off just majoring in Computer Science.

On the rare occasions I feel the urge to google stacktraces outside of work, I try to contribute to the Python ecosystem I know and love and tell myself that I'm making the world a better place by working on free and open source software used by lots of people ~doing science~.